BOTOX® Injections for Chronic Migraine

If you have the frequent, severe headache
condition known as "chronic migraine," your doctor
may want you to try injections of BOTOX® in your
head and neck. The injections can help stop
migraines before they start.

What is BOTOX?
What is BOTOX? BOTOX is a brand name for a
protein called "botulinum toxin." When injected in
small doses, this protein is very good at blocking
nerve signals. It can block the nerve signals that
are linked to some headaches. When these are
blocked, you won't feel a migraine.

The Injection
During the BOTOX procedure, your doctor gives
you a series of injections. They go in specific spots
in your head and neck. The needle is small, and the
injections aren't painful. They feel like tiny pinpricks.
The entire injection procedure takes about fifteen

If the injections help stop your headaches, your
doctor may recommend a continuing care plan. You
may be asked to come back for more injections
every three months. At times, combination of Botox injections, nerve blocks and medical management is the right combination of treatments for a patient. 

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botox point

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