NorTex Case Series Presentations


Pain Management 101

3 out of 4 people have experienced chronic/ recurring pain or have a family member who has experienced such pain. Almost 62% of pain sufferers have had their pain for more than a year. A majority of adults (57%) have experience chronic or recurring pain including 54% of patients between 18-34


Chiropractic & Pain Case Studies 1

The 34-year-old male coming from ER with a diagnosis of sciatica​. Complaining of severe 8/10 VAS Low back right buttock and leg pain​. Started 3 weeks prior after playing softball. He was then also involved in an MVA a week prior to the visit, which worsened symptoms


Chiropractic & Pain Case Studies 2

The patient underwent Left L5-S1 endoscopic discectomy and annuloplasty on 11/29/2016. Upon follow up on 01/06/2017 patient reported 70% relief of his pain​
“The best he has felt in 5 years”


Chiropractic & Pain Case Studies 3

Saw Dr. K in Allen for three months to get Airrosti treatments. Pain was reported as Sharp in the low back, constant, occasionally radiating to both legs. Worse with sitting, driving, standing up holding his daughter


Chiropractic & Pain Case Studies 4

Can mobilize a facet joint that has arthritis and an adjacent facet cyst temporarily irritate a nerve root? What if the patient does not get good and/or sustained relief from a combination of epidural steroid injections and facet injections?


Spine and Pain Case Studies 1

Patient back pain for 15 years Significantly worsened and is shooting down the right leg since 2 weeks prior. History of MVA in 1999 and 2004 Pain is constant, burning, sharp, stabbing, and tingling in the right leg