NorTex Spine & Joint Institute

Is an outpatient multidisciplinary pain management clinic
that offers a full range of cutting edge interventional pain management treatments.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to provide cutting edge non-surgical and minimally invasive management of pain syndromes.

Our goal is to decrease your pain as well as to increase your daily activities and enhance the quality of your life.

We will provide a comprehensive individualized evaluation, a diagnosis and treatment plan in which you, as the patient, are an active participant.

Pain Relief Starts with NorTex

At NorTex, we provide high-quality, compassionate care combined with use of modern technology of interventional pain management.

We utilize the most advanced technologies and work to strengthen our patients' emotional ability to cope with the debilitating effects of pain.

We work closely with primary care physicians and chiropractors, as well as many other specialists to optimally coordinate the care of our patients. 

With state-of-the-art fluoroscopy procedure suite, all procedures are performed with the use of fluoroscopy and/ or ultrasound guidance for optimal efficacy and minimal discomfort.

Get Started

At NorTex, we feel that by providing the right diagnostic insights, comprehensive medical strategies, and new advanced treatments, pain and suffering can be dramatically reduced.