Stem Cells

NorTex offers Regenerative Medicine therapy to treat a number of chronic pain conditions.

What is Regenerative Medicine Therapy?

Regenerative Medicine is called so Because cells with the capability of reproducing through dividing have the ability to develop into cells specific to a particular organ or tissue, we can designate them to work on a specific area of the body. Once designated to a specific body part, the cells perform special functions for that part. Regenerative Medicine therapy is the use of cells to treat or prevent a condition through producing cells to replace damaged or older cells. Doctors harvest the cells from tissue, blood or bone marrow, with bone marrow being the most common cell source. These healthy harvested cells divide to maintain general cell numbers, or become progenitor cells. In adults, these progenitor cells migrate within the brain and function primarily to maintain neuron population. They can also help induce recovery for those who suffer from various painful disorders.


Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

Stem cells are thought to trigger the repair functions of the body via five primary mechanisms: