Genicular Nerve Block (G Block)

genicular nerves
injection sites
nerve relief

This outpatient procedure is an injection of
anesthetic to the genicular nerves. These are the
sensory nerves that transmit pain signals from the
knee to the brain. Anesthetizing these nerves can
disrupt the pain signals caused by degeneration of
the knee. A genicular nerve block can provide
temporary pain relief. It may help determine if a
patient is a candidate for nerve ablation, which can
provide long-term pain relief.

The Procedure
In preparation for the procedure, the skin of the
knee is cleansed and sanitized. The injection sites
are numbed with a local anesthetic. Using a
fluoroscope (a type of x-ray device that shows
video images from within the body), the physician
carefully guides a needle to one of the targeted
nerves. An anesthetic mixture is injected through
this needle to numb the nerve. The physician
repeats the injection at two more locations to numb
three of the genicular nerves.

End of Procedure
When the procedure is complete, the injection sites
are bandaged. The patient is allowed to go home.
The patient will be able to walk normally, and
should feel immediate pain relief.

Watch the video description below

Dr. Ghalambor describing Genicular Blocks