Glenoid Labrum Tear

(Shoulder Labral Tear)

If you have pain in your shoulder, you may have a
torn labrum. That's the thick band of tissue that
goes around your shoulder socket. It helps make
the socket deeper. It cushions the bone of your
upper arm and keeps it from slipping.

You can tear your labrum if you get hit hard on your
shoulder, or if you fall and try to catch yourself with
your arm. You can also tear it if you pull or lift
something that's heavy. And, you can tear a labrum
over time if you lift weights or play sports like
baseball or tennis.

A torn labrum can be painful. It may hurt when you
lift your arm high. You may notice that your
shoulder grinds, pops, catches or locks up. It might
feel unstable, and you might not be able to move it
well. It may feel weak, and it may hurt even when
you are resting.

Initial treatments include rest, medications and
physical therapy. If those don't help, you may need image guided injections. Dr. Ghalambor can create a care
plan that is right for you. NorTex is here to help and the new Regenerative medicine options "Stem Cell" injections have shown promising results for treatment of frozen shoulder and it's underlying cause (s) when combined with other therapies. 

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labrum tear
labrum tear

Shoulder Labrum Tear by Dr. Ghalambor

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