Inflammatory Arthritis of the Hip

Hip Inflammatory Arthritis Specialist in Texas



This is a type of arthritis that can affect people of all ages. It’s not the same as the most common form of arthritis, called “osteoarthritis.” That type commonly comes from wear and tear. Inflammatory arthritis can develop without any wear and tear at all.


There are a few kinds of inflammatory arthritis. We don’t always understand what causes them, but they are linked to problems with your immune system. Your body begins to attack your healthy tissues. In the hip joint, this can cause the breakdown of cartilage. That’s the tough, smooth tissue that lines the ends of your bones. When it breaks down, your bones begin to rub directly against each other.



Inflammatory arthritis can affect your whole body. You may have fever, you may lose your appetite, and you may feel tired. And, it can make your hip feel stiff and painful. You may feel a dull ache in your groin or your outer thigh. You may feel it in your buttock or your knee. Your pain may hurt more in the morning, and then feel better as you begin moving around. But it may hurt more with vigorous activity. Your pain can cause you to limp.


Inflammatory arthritis is initially treated with medications. Chiropractic care and Physical therapy may be of help, too. If needed, an image guided injection of steroids or stem cells would be of help. Also, blockade and radiofrequency rhizotomy of the sensory branches of the hip joint are among some advanced non surgical treatment currently offered by Dr. Ghalambor who is a Harvard Fellowship trained and Board Certified physician.


Finding the Source of the Pain is the Key!

At NorTex we are committed to finding the source of the pain; in this case back pain or neck pain; before starting to formulate a treatment plan. 


Lumbar or Cervical Facet Joint injections are invaluable diagnostic interventions which can help us understand whether back pain or neck pain is originating from arthritis of the spine joints referred to “facet joints”.  Long term relief of pain coming from facet joints is currently available via cauterizing the “Pain Wires” of the facet joints by an intervention called “Radiofrequency treatment” or “Rhizotomy”.  

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