Post-Whiplash Headache

whiplash pain

This is a chronic headache originating from the cervical spine (Neck) structures. It can develop after a
whiplash injury (a violent back-and-forth jerking of
the neck).

The cause of post-whiplash headache is not fully
understood. It may be related to damaged joints (Facet Joints) or discs in your neck. It may result from inflammation of ligaments and soft tissues. A Pain Management specialist may need to perform diagnostic injections such as cervical facet joint injection or epidural steroid injections to find out the exact source of the pain.

You may develop this type of headache
immediately after your injury, or it may develop
later. Your headache may seem to start at the base
of your skull and radiate up to your head. You may
experience these headaches for years after your

Treatment for post-whiplash headache may initially involve medications, physical therapy and rest. If symptoms persist, a NorTex healthcare specialist can create a care plan that is right for your needs.

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Whiplash Headaches

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