PRP Therapy for Chronic Shoulder Pain


PR Injections for Chronic Shoulder Pain in Texas

What is PRP therapy for chronic shoulder pain?


PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) therapy is a medical treatment that involves using a patient’s own blood platelets to promote healing and reduce pain. In the context of chronic shoulder pain, PRP therapy may be used to alleviate symptoms and promote healing in the shoulder joint.

Creating the Mix

The process begins with a sample of your blood. It
is spun around in a centrifuge. This separates it into
platelets, plasma, and red and white blood cells.
The platelets are then concentrated and mixed with
some of the plasma. This mixture is called “platelet
rich plasma.”


The doctor injects this into your damaged tissues. Your immune system (the system that keeps your body healthy) reacts quickly. Special white blood cells called “macrophages” rush in. They take away damaged cells. They help prep the site for healing. Then, stem cells and other cells begin to multiply. Over time, they repair and rebuild damaged tissues.


In Conclusion

After the injection, you can go home. You may need
to come back for more injections as you heal.

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