Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG) Block (Injection Technique)

location of sphenopalatine hanglion
needle in place

This is an injection of numbing medicine. It is
delivered to the area around a bundle of nerves
called the "sphenopalatine ganglion," which lies
deep within your face. This injection can be used to
diagnose or to treat problems linked to these

In preparation, you are given medicine to make you
feel relaxed. Your cheek is numbed with a local

Numbing the Nerves
The physician inserts a needle through this tissue.
With the help of a video x-ray device called a
"fluoroscope," the physician carefully guides the
needle to the ganglion. When it is positioned
properly, the physician injects the numbing
medicine. It bathes the nerves. If these nerves are
linked to pain or other problems, you may
experience relief. The injection will not cause your
face to become numb.

End of Procedure
When the injection is complete, you may be
monitored for a brief time and then allowed to
leave. Because pain relief may not happen right
away, you may be asked to track your pain levels
after the procedure.

Watch the video description below