Suprascapular Neuropathy

suprascapular neuro pain
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This is a pain or weakness from an irritated nerve in
your shoulder. It's called the "suprascapular" nerve.
It travels from the neck down through your

Suprascapular neuropathy is caused by irritation of
your nerve. This can happen because it's stretched
or compressed. A poorly-shaped shoulder blade
that doesn't leave enough space for your nerve can
cause it. So can a cyst pressing against your nerve.

Symptoms can include pain over the top and back
of your shoulder. Your shoulder may feel weak.
Some people have shoulder weakness, but they
don't feel any pain.

Treatment options may include rest, medications
and chiropractic care as well as physical therapy. If these aren't helpful, you may need more advanced interventions such as suprascapular blocks as well as stem cell injections along with above mentioned treatments. Surgery would be the treatment of last resort.

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Suprascapular Neuralgia or Neuropathy explained by Dr. G. 

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