Subacromial Injection


Subacromial Shoulder Pain Injection Specialist in Texas



This injection goes into your shoulder. It can help reduce your shoulder pain. We use it to treat many conditions. It’s used for adhesive capsulitis, rotator cuff tendinosis and impingement syndrome.


To start, you sit and expose your shoulder. Your skin is cleaned and numbed. The physician guides a needle under a part of your shoulder blade called the “acromion.” The needle goes between the acromion and the head of your upper arm bone (which is called the “humerus”). Medicine is injected into the joint. It bathes the joint. It will make your pain and swelling better.


End of Procedure

After the injection, your skin is bandaged. Your healthcare provider will give you tips to follow as you heal.

Subacromial Shoulder Injection by Dr. G.