Coccydynia (Tail Bone Pain)

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Coccydynia (Tailbone Pain) Causes, Symptoms, Treatment - Texas



This condition is an inflammation of the tip of the tailbone, called the coccyx. It causes pain and tenderness between the buttocks.


Coccydynia can be caused by sitting for extended periods, childbirth, or an injury such as a fall. In many cases it develops spontaneously – the cause is unknown.


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Symptoms can include sensitivity or an aching sensation around the tailbone that is made worse by sitting, shooting pain in the legs, pain during bowel movements and pain during sexual intercourse.


Treatment can include a padded seat cushion, medications, nerve blocks, sacral nerve stimulation, or, in rare cases, surgery to shorten the coccyx.

Coccydynia Overview by Dr. Ghalambor