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Knee pain is a prevalent condition that can significantly impact the quality of life. It can stem from a variety of causes, ranging from acute injuries to chronic conditions like arthritis. Understanding the complexity of knee pain is crucial for effective treatment. At Nortex Spine and Joint Institute, we are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and a team of skilled professionals dedicated to identifying the root cause of your knee pain.

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Step Beyond Knee Pain in Garland: Live Your Life to the Fullest

Knee pain is a common condition that can significantly hinder your daily activities and overall quality of life. It’s a problem that many individuals face, but understanding its causes is the first step towards effective treatment. In Garland, at Nortex Spine and Joint Institute, we encounter all types and variety of reasons behind knee pain, each demanding a unique approach to care and management.

Most common causes of knee pain include:

  1. Osteoarthritis: A degenerative joint disease that typicallyhealthy-knee affects middle-aged and older adults, causing joint pain and stiffness.
  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis: An autoimmune disorder that can cause joint inflammation and pain in the knees.
  3. Meniscus Tears: Common in athletes, these are injuries to the cartilage of the knee that can occur during activities involving twisting or turning.
  4. Ligament Injuries: Injuries to the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) or other ligaments in the knee, often resulting from sports-related activities.
  5. Tendonitis: Inflammation or irritation of the tendons around the knee, often caused by overuse or repetitive motion.
  6. Bursitis: Inflammation of the bursae, the small sacs of fluid that cushion the outside of your knee joint.
  7. Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: Often described as “runner’s knee,” this syndrome involves pain around the kneecap.
  8. Bone Fractures: Fractures of the knee bones, usually resulting from significant trauma like a fall or an accident.
  9. Gout: A form of arthritis marked by sudden, severe attacks of pain, redness, and tenderness in joints.

Understanding these common causes is crucial in identifying the appropriate treatment strategy. At our Garland location, we’re equipped to tackle these diverse causes, offering personalized care and advanced treatments to help you regain comfort and mobility.

According to the National Library of Medicine, a Knee Pain PRP study found: “PRP substantially alleviated knee pain, as shown by reduced VAS (p < 0.001) and WOMAC scores (p = 0,001) compared to baseline. PRP also resulted in significant improvement in IKDC (p < 0.001) and KOOS scores (p < 0.01) compared to baseline.”

Don't wait for knee pain to control your life.

If you’re in Garland and struggling with knee pain, don’t wait for it to control your life. Take the first step towards relief and a better quality of life today. Reach out to us at Nortex Spine and Joint Institute, where expert care meets compassion. We’re here to assess, diagnose, and create a personalized knee pain treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Call us or visit our clinic to set up your appointment. Embrace the opportunity for a pain-free life – your journey to recovery starts here!